Simoleons Edit

Simoleons are the main currency in SimCity. They are used to buy services (such as water, power, fire, etc.) They are earned in many different ways. You can earn them in a wide variety of ways. first, you can collect taxes. Taxes are collected from your City Hall. You can also earn Simoleons by upgrading Residential Buildings. The higher the level of upgrade, the more Simoleons you earn. You upgrade residential buildings by producing resources from your Factories. You can also earn Simoleons by putting goods on the market. You do this by tapping on your Trade Depot. You can't do this unless you have a population of over 6000. If you city's population is over 6000, once you tap the Trade Depot, two shelves with boxes will appear. Tap on a box. You can now choose what to put on the market. tap "advertise for 3 hours" after you decide what you want to sell. tap on the green button at the bottom and wait for a person to buy the Item. If somebody has bought the item, a sign appears above the Trade Depot. Tap on the sign. It will take you into the Trade Depot. Tap on the box that is shaking. You will receive your Simoleons.

SimCash Edit

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SimCash is the premium currency in SimCity. SimCash is used to buy special buildings and parks, buy Simoleons, or even warp time! However, SimCash is therefore hard to earn and The only way to get SimCash without spending real money is through achievements. Achievements are challenges that have SimCash rewards. The only other way to obtain SimCash is by in-app purchases.

Golden Keys Edit


Golden Keys are the keys to a happy, thriving city. Golden keys are extremely rare and hard to get. If you get multiple keys, you can buy City Specializations. City specializations boost population and increase happiness. You can claim Golden Keys by completing cargo shipments, (requires 20,000 population) or completing disaster challenges. (requires 90,000 population)

In-app Purchases Edit

There are in-app purchases in SimCity Buildit. You can buy Simoleons for SimCash and Simcash for real money. However, you cannot purchase Golden Keys because their value is too high, and you have to earn them for yourself.